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Autism is a neurological disorder that is sweeping through the world at an alarming rate, currently affecting as many as 1 in every 68 children, according to 2010 statistics. In 2000, the ratio was 1 in 150. That’s a 45% increase in 10 years. At this rate, in the next 10 years, the statistics will rise to 1 in every 30 children, and 10 years after that, 1 in every 14.


There is no medication that can cure Autism, and the medications that are currently in force to curb some of the symptoms have side effects such as seizures, addiction, anxiety, hallucinations, depression, infections, paranoia, and high blood pressure, to name just a few. This is clearly not the answer!


NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique), is a safe and effective holistic technique that has been proven in a 2005 study to cure this devastating disorder. Roughly 88% of the treated children had their autism diagnosis removed by their own individual doctors and neurologists. To learn more about NAET please visit or go here to view the entire study.



Autism: Treat the Cause…Not Just the Symptoms!


Yes! Undiagnosed allergies can cause a variety of health disorders including autism. Autism affects one of 150 children in the U.S. today and is quickly becoming the epidemic of the 21st century. It is characterized by abnormal social relationships, language disorders with impaired understanding, compulsive behavior, and uneven intellectual development often with mental retardation. 


Autism is not caused by a single component or insult. It is caused by a number of different processes such as environmental insults, toxicity, nutritional problems, and infections. So there is not a single magic bullet for healing autism, which is why allopathic medicine does so poorly in helping autistic children. Allopathic medicine likes to treat illnesses with a single magic bullet. This is also why NAET is a useful treatment for autism. NAET is useful in searching for and treating dozens of insults that can trigger autism.

In 2004-2005 the NAET research foundation conducted a study which consisted of two groups of 30 nonverbal, non-communicative children, ranging in age from 3-10 and of both sexes.

The first group received 50 NAET treatments over a period of a year. The second group, the control group, did not receive any NAET treatments.

Four children dropped out of the first group. Of the remaining 26 children in the first group, all showed improvement in verbal and non-verbal communication skills, social interactions, improved sleep, reduction in restlessness and abnormal body posturing like flapping hands, pulling hair, etc.

23 out of 26 (88%) of the children treated with NAET, showed enough significant improvement to be moved from special education classes to regular classes.

Of the 30 children in the control group, none showed significant improvements.

To view a DVD following 4 of the children through this study, that tracks their progress contact Carina El-Behouti…



Allergy-Related Autism is Treatable?


Autism can be viewed as an allergic response or cascade of allergic responses to many allergens at one time. Some of the symptoms are:


Abnormal appetite
Abnormalities in speech
Accident prone
Always climbing
Appears deaf/dumb
Biting nails
Biting own body parts
Bladder problems
Cannot be pacified
Cannot determine right from wrong
Cannot tie shoes
Compulsive touching
Constant motion
Does not ask for help when needed
Eating dirt
Enuresis (bed wetting)
Erratic disruptive behavior
Excessive drooling
Excessive flatulence
Excessive salivation
Excessive sweating
Facial changes
Fat craving
Fatigued, weak, weary, listless
Following routines to precise detail
Frequent burping
Frequent flue and colds
Growing pains
Hair pulling
Hand flapping
Head banging
High pain threshold
Holds onto people/objects
Impaired ability to role-play
Impaired social play
Impaired ability to initiate speech
Impaired peer relationships
Increased thirst
Lacks concentration
Loud talk
Muscle aches
No eye contact while communicating
Nonstop talk
Normal or high I.Q. in certain areas
Parrot-like talking
Pinches or hurts others
Poor eye-hand coordination
Screaming inconsolably
Sensitive to cold or heat
Sensitive to odors
Sensitive to sound or light
Spurns affection and cuddling
Staring at people
Sugar craving
Salt craving
Totally nonverbal
Uncontrollable body movements
Violent behavior at times



Click NAET and Autism 
to download a PDF of this information about Autism.







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